Dascom Card Printer

Printers made specifically for rectangular plastic substrates, known as plastic card printers, use thermal transfer to print text or graphics. Reverse Transfer Dye Sublimation and Dye Sublimation (Dye Sub) are two more printing processes.

DASCOM DC-2300-card printer-Left-side-500x500-sirin

Dascom DC-2300 Thermal Card Printer

DTC printing involves a thermal print head heating a ribbon, converting it into gas for dye-sublimation. This method works best on laminated PVC cards, as they have grooves for sublimation. Wax resin is used for black or single-colour printing, making it more forgiving on the card surface.

Dacsom DC-7600 Re-Transfer Card Printer

Re-transfer card printing involves hot-rolling a card onto a carrier layer, transferring the ribbon onto a clear film. The polyester film transfers all necessary ink to a vivid, detailed image. A heated rubber roller is used to ensure no issues with bumps, grooves, or depressions.

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